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Places To Find Used Cars

ford-440863_960_720When it comes to secondhand items, none will save you more money than buying a used car. Since the average call will depreciate about $5,000 once driven off the lot new, you stand to save big by going for a pre-owned vehicle rather than the latest model. Usually, very few changes are made to car models from year to year, so a two year old car will cost way less and still have most of the same basic features as this year’s model.

Now, when going to buy a used car, you will usually go to a dealership. This is usually ok, but there is going to be some markup involved and possibly some hidden fees. The plus is that there is usually some kind of guarantee on the vehicle should something fail. But this isn’t the cheapest place you can get a car.

Buying from the owner himself is usually the cheapest way to go. You will not get any kind of guarantee, but you’ll often be able to find an honest person who will be upfront with you. You’ll need to research how much it costs to get that kind of car repaired (American and Japanese cars tend to be cheaper) so you have an idea of possible costs down the road.

Another place you can find a used car is a pawn shop. Many pawn shops (like this one:!featured-items/ncs0q) have some used cars. This can be good when you need a car right away, and you may not have all the money you need (you can usually get one for some money and perhaps a trade from some other items). This can be great in the case of an emergency situation when you need wheels right away.

So save big and consider buying a used car.

The Best Places To Find Used Stuff

money-932401_960_720As you are probably already aware, buying used and secondhand items is a great way to save money. Not everything is really worth buying brand-new, as the premium paid isn’t justified. Ok, so you have a new TV. But it still looks about the same as last year’s model that you could have gotten for hundreds of dollars less. So unless you have to have the bragging rights about having brand-new stuff, you’d do well to save money by buying used.

But, this does present a slight problem. You can find new items quite easily, but not necessarily so with used items. Where can you pick up secondhand stuff knowing that it works or is in decent shape? Well, that will depend on what you’re trying to buy.

For things like electronics (televisions, stereos, game consoles, etc.) you may try a pawn shop. They typically test these items to ensure they are in working order before accepting them so you’re pretty safe here. You can buy things online from individuals, but these are usually all-sales-final type deals, and while you will usually find things a little cheaper this way, you have no guarantee.

Of course there are loads of electronic items available online. Sites like eBay and amazon have used offerings and they can normally be returned. The only caveat is the shipping costs. But for items like computer parts, I won’t ever buy a new computer again. Building up a system out of used parts is so easy nowadays and will literally save hundreds of dollars.

For things like furniture, you’re a little bit stuck with buying from individuals. Not many stores carry secondhand furniture unless it’s an antique and valuable (kind of defeats the purpose of buying used).

What Things Are Best Bought Secondhand?

dollar-1175048_960_720When it comes to saving money, buying secondhand items can really make a difference in how much you’re spending. But while this sounds good on paper, in practice things can get tricky. There are some things that you’d be better off not buying secondhand while others (in my opinion) should almost never be bought new. So to help you out with this, here’s a brief list (using somewhat broad categories) of things you should buy secondhand.


Computers have become an essential part of our daily lives, but they can sure be expensive. While some may be weary of buying a used one, fear not as you can find many retailers (especially on sites like eBay) selling complete systems for less than $100. I’m not talking about something too antiquated either. You can find many systems with modern specs that will be more than powerful enough for everyday use.

General Electronics

Things like TV sets, video game consoles, stereos, etc. all can be purchased used for great discounts. Think about it like this: do you buy a new TV every year or so? Of course not. So if you get a used one from last year, you’re still going to have it for many years to come. The hundreds of dollars you save make an excellent incentive. Plenty of pawn shops (like this one: carry loads of used electronics.


This one may be more of a personal preference, but secondhand clothes are insanely cheap. While it does take some rummaging around, this is especially worth it for children’s clothes (as they outgrow them in a few months). So do a little digging and save a few bucks.

So take the time and look around for used items as you’ll be able to take your hard-earned paycheck a lot further.

Books: For A Literary Look

old-books-11281939505MsrnSometimes, a home study just isn’t complete without some actual books. Sure you can pack the shelves with other items and trinkets, but a nice wall of books not only looks very literary, but also can expand one’s knowledge base. So if you’re going for a studious look for your home library or office, then you’d better hit the books!

Only problem is that books can be expensive. And you’re not going to fill the shelves with a bunch of paperbacks as that just doesn’t give the room the same feel. No, you need dust jacket-less hardbound books to create the atmosphere of a learned scholar. So where can you get books without breaking the bank?

Going to a mainstream bookstore isn’t a great option as most books cost between $20 and $70 a piece! You’ll have to hit up used book stores and usually you can find something a little more reasonable in terms of price.

Garage and yard sales are also a good place to get used books. Older books are also best as they usually have better quality binding and look great with the jackets removed.

There are also some pawn shops Hollywood located that have some old books as part of their offerings. You could try hitting up some of these as well.

Now, should you buy books just for the looks or try to get ones you’ll actually read? Well, that depends on you. If you’re a literary person then yes, try to get ones you may actually be interested in. Then in the future you’ll be able to take one off the shelf and have a good read. But if you’re only interested in the aesthetics of it, then it’s not important. In fact, you could just fake the whole thing!