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Guide To Buying Used Furniture

leather-sofa-186636_960_720When moving into a new home, you often find yourself without adequate furnishings, especially if moving into your first home ever or from an apartment. This can be a hinderance to what would otherwise be a joyous time, as now you know that you need to spend even more money on furnishing the place. But fear not, because there is an alternative to buying loads of expensive new furniture. And no, I’m not suggesting that you buy everything from Ikea, but rather, try out secondhand furniture.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: that you are going to end up with a home full of mismatched things. And while this could happen, it certainly doesn’t have to. I’ll explain.

So first, you get some furniture. Be it from an online listing like craigslist, or from a thrift store or pawn shop in Ft. Lauderdale. Try to pick items that at least have a similar structure. Like don’t go for something that is rustic and something else that is clean and modern.

Next comes the creative part. When you get the furniture home, it’s time to paint. With just a few coats of either spray paint, stain, varnish, or fabric paint (yes, that’s a thing).

With just a weekend of effort, you can have a complete and matching set of furniture for less than half of what you would have paid had you gone to a furniture store. This can be exactly what you need right after covering the costs of moving. And what’s even better is that you could later on resell the furniture as a set (possibly for a profit) if you did a good enough job with the transformation.

Guide For Buying Used Electronics

record-336626_960_720If there were ever a product area where it is hard to stay on top, it would be in the area of technology. Things change so quickly, and new products come out so fast that it seems that you can never have the latest thing. This leads many people to be constantly buying and upgrading their appliances and gadgets.

But if you are like me, and don’t have an obsessive need to own and use the latest and greatest devices, then you see opportunity. Where others are constantly upgrading, a market for loads of used electronics is created. So it gives people like us a chance to upgrade every now and then on the cheap. Last year’s TV is still perfectly good, am I right?

However, buying used electronics can be tricky as you need to make sure they are in good working order. Maybe you have a little wiggle room for a return if you are buying from a store or Ft. Lauderdale pawn shop, but if you buy from an individual, as soon as the item is in your car, the sale is final. So here are some tips to follow to ensure that you don’t accidentally buy a dud.

  1. Ensure it turns on. Ask to plug in the unit before buying it. If the other person takes offense that you don’t wish to simply take their word for it, then to hell with them. Find another seller. Most won’t mind unless they have something to hide.
  2. Ensure it connects with other components. If you are buying a TV, ensure it connects to the DVD player you have. How? Bring it along? (This is why is can be a good idea to bring an extension cord with you.)
  3. Test all of its functionality. Don’t just see if it turns on, ensure that every button the remote or keyboard works. And finally…
  4. Ask outright if there is anything wrong with it. Many people will be honest and if there is a flaw, come out and tell you.

Follow the above to always come out ahead when getting appliances on the cheap.