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Different Styles In Different Places: Tropical Locales

tropical-1651423_960_720I do a lot of traveling for both business and pleasure. This is a great way to take in a lot of different cultures, food and styles. Whether it’s the layered, dark looks of New York City or the simple and causal California style, different places have their own certain way of dressing. This doesn’t just apply to “regular” everyday clothes, but also transposes to business attire as well. And as a lot of my travel involved work, I need to ensure that I look right depending on where I go.

One of my favorite types of places to go are those that are in the tropical band. Places like Miami, and the Caribbean offer a culture and style that I really like, and I wanted to share some tips on how to professionally dress in these places.

First off, colors are your friend. It is totally appropriate to go to a business meeting in these areas with a bright blue or even pink button-down shirt. And the suit colors themselves can vary more than your typical black, brown, navy blue and grey. Light blue, off-white and other colors really do fit in well in these types of places and allow you to add a little bit of color to an otherwise drab wardrobe.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the material your clothes are made out of as these places get HOT. With summer temperatures exceeding 90 degrees, you need to know what kinds of clothes to wear to avoid becoming a nasty, sweaty mess. In this situation, linen is your friend. It breathes well, is light and many designers make business attire out of it. A mens white linen shirt can be the foundation of a professional outfit. These shirts even work well after hours when it’s time to hit the beach or club scene. It’s a material and style that I personally love and work well in the environment.

Staying Comfortable While Deal Hunting

sun-1296130_960_720With only a short time before the summer hits (and with many areas already feeling the heat), it will soon be time to prepare for some rather uncomfortable times if you are a person who frequents outdoor flea markets or garage sales in search of great deals. Since persistence is the name of the game, it is important to stay cool so that you don’t decide to call it quite, possibly right before stumbling on something that you have been looking for. This is why it is very important to dress for the part.

For many, a simple T-shirt and shorts will do the job. This can be moderately effective, but cotton tends to absorb (and show) a lot of sweat, so soon enough you’ll look just as hot as you feel. Instead, there is a pretty good alternative.

As someone who has visited Miami on numerous occasions, I would say that nothing beats a white linen shirt. The material is extremely breathable and cool, while still looking fashionable. I’m not a fashion aficionado by any means. I’m usually the type to pick practicality over style. But in all honesty, if you are going to be doing some outdoor shopping around, nothing compares to linen.

On other points, you also need to focus on staying hydrated. Dehydration can lead to headaches which will definitely dampen your bargaining skills. So always carry a supply of water with you when going out on the prowl.

Sunscreen is another no-brainer. If you’re going to be out in the sun for any considerable amount of time, then better apply some sunblock. You don’t want to be burned and “peeling” for a week or so after.

So be prepared and dressed for the part, and do great this summer!