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Finding Bargains: Pawn Shops

Hello modern treasure hunters! By this, of course, I mean those willing to stray from the beaten path, and venture out of the way to find a great value for either a necessary or just a curious item. We’ve all been to various flea markets or garage sales, and those can often turn up a great find. With the power of the internet, we can also find virtually anything our hearts desire…but not always at the best price. One often overlooked resource for locating items of value is the local pawn shop.

Made more prominent by recent reality TV, pawn shops are a staple of many communities. Nowhere else can one find such a large variety of seemingly unrelated objects. Many of which may be worth more than even the store owner is aware of. Some items may have been sitting there for years and so getting rid of them becomes  so desirable to the proprietor that you can get a great price on something cool and interesting (or flat-out valuable).

No matter where you live, you can find a shop near you. While of course, larger cities (especially those with casinos) will tend to have more (you’ll more easily find a pawn shop in Miami than one in Lawtee). A quick local search will yield plenty of locations near you.