Trading Your Old Stuff For Something “New”

When most of us take a look into the deepest, darkest parts of our closets, attics, basements and garages, we find loads of old items. Some of it is just junk that really ought to be gotten rid of. But some of it are items that we really think are of value, but just don’t use anymore, or have no need for. Maybe that old lamp is still worth something, it just doesn’t match the current decor. Things like this can be found in most any home.

We hesitate throwing these things out because we don’t want to take the loss. But often in desperation, while doing some spring cleaning, we do end up throwing them out, or just giving them away. Well, here’s a new idea: why not trade it for something that you may actually use?

Trading isn’t all that hard to do either, if you know a good way to go about it. Asking friends to come over an look at your stuff and seeing if they have anything comparable they’d like to part with is not one of them. It’s the 21st century, let’s be smart about this.

There are already websites where you can trade things. Sites like or even allow people to post things that they would like to trade and include suggestions of what they’d like to receive in return.

Another good place to make trades is in pawn shops. Think about it. There’s already lots of interesting stuff in your average hollywood pawn shop and even if your item isn’t worth as much as what you’d like, it can give you a good discount. Even if there is nothing to trade for it, you could at least sell it for some cash.

So don’t cave in and throw out your old stuff just yet. Take a moment and see what you can’t get for your items through trading.

Finding Bargains: Pawn Shops

Hello modern treasure hunters! By this, of course, I mean those willing to stray from the beaten path, and venture out of the way to find a great value for either a necessary or just a curious item. We’ve all been to various flea markets or garage sales, and those can often turn up a great find. With the power of the internet, we can also find virtually anything our hearts desire…but not always at the best price. One often overlooked resource for locating items of value is the local pawn shop.

Made more prominent by recent reality TV, pawn shops are a staple of many communities. Nowhere else can one find such a large variety of seemingly unrelated objects. Many of which may be worth more than even the store owner is aware of. Some items may have been sitting there for years and so getting rid of them becomes  so desirable to the proprietor that you can get a great price on something cool and interesting (or flat-out valuable).

No matter where you live, you can find a shop near you. While of course, larger cities (especially those with casinos) will tend to have more (you’ll more easily find a pawn shop in Miami than one in Lawtee). A quick local search will yield plenty of locations near you.